Stupid Post-it Art Creator

I recently moved into a new floor in work which has giant windows - an excellent opportunity for post-it art. So knocked up a quick program in Processing (as it's easy and I'm lazy) to approximate given the fairly standard palette of colours below:

There's bound to be millions of such programs floating around the internet, but hey-ho it filled a half-hour or so. Fire up the code here into Processing and use the following controls to adjust the image. 

key action
- decrease size of postit (increasing resolution)
+ or = increase size of postit (decreasing resolution)
w toggle dark lines between postits
[mouse click] open another file

It'll display an image, together with the post-it approximation to the right, like so:

That's not particularly good, but if I hit "-" a couple of times...

... a better approximation is displayed. Based on a size of roughly 72.6mm x 72.6mm per post-it, the real world dimensions of the post-it masterpiece are dumped to the Processing console:

I just need to find a suitable pack of post-its and an interesting image, and I'm all set :)