@NotBrianCox - I can code while drunk

After a night out in Edinburgh I woke up and discovered that when I got back in I had created a twitter account (@NotBrianCox) and a program to generate new tweets from Markov Chains of @ProfBrianCox' tweets. Words fail me.

When I sobered up I scrubbed the drunken (profane) test tweets, the rest had "poop" at the end for some reason so I chucked them out as well and started again. I've also applied my triangly-image-scrambler to his twitter picture to generate a not-quite-Brian-Cox picture. Here are a few pearls of Not Brian's wisdom:

Here's the code, if anyone's interested (need to fill in the access keys, choose the user and run with `python -i`. Running tweet() will generate and send a new tweet).