Fine Art With Processing

I started playing with Processing (simple C/javascript-ish looking language which compiles to JVM bytecode) the other night. After scanning through the tutorials, I started messing around with a very primitive algorithm to approximate an input image by continually randomly drawing triangles on screen (discarding any which make the screen less like the input)

Think "Infinite Monkey Theorem" but with only a single monkey, and I whack him with a rolled up newspaper when he types something incorrect. OK that was slightly contrived, and not particularly accurate but who amongst us can resist a good "spank the monkey" metaphor?

To test things out I wanted to keep things simple by using a monochrome and contrasty image, so my first input image was a picture of a West Highland Terrier I took with my Kiev 6C on some cheapo Chinese black & white 120 film.

The first attempt was less than successful. I killed it off after a while, as it started to look a little eery.

Whoops, the problem was that only pure white or pure black triangles were drawn, so anything which wasn't white or black tended to be shaded with lots of thin spikey polygons. Let's try with a few more colours:

Once I was a confident that I was able to produce a reasonable image I messed around with full RGB colour, and with circles instead of triangles. Here's a few more images (click to embiggen):

Of course these pale in comparison to some of the things other people have created with Processing. It does just look like I've run images through a crude Photoshop or GIMP filter, but all the same I was impressed with how easy it was to get proficient enough to do this - a couple of hours at most. Code available here.